I'd have to rate local police support as 'questionable' or 'disloyal'

Riots in Minneapolis, shots fired outside Capitol in Denver, Phoenix cops warning pedestrians out of certain areas, and the Ohio Capitol being overrun.

Reminds me of my days as a Physical Security Officer for my alma mater.  In accordance with AR 190-13, I had to be briefed by the State intel guys about the reliability and effectiveness of local police departments, in case I needed their diligence to protect our modest arms room of 22 sidearms and so many (few?) rounds of 9mm ball for each. 

If intel thought the local constabulary had a good handle on local threats, and could respond to them if they showed a hankering for my unit's 22 Berettas, I could rate them as a 5 or better, and didn't have to work so hard with other measures to protect them. 

I can think of four cities where the rating would have to be 1 or 2, and arms rooms should be issuing those sidearms instead of keeping them locked up, because the only thing to make sure those pieces didn't fall into the hands of gang bangers were my own frigging Soldiers and Airmen. 

In related news, I commented over at Instapundit that the Left's boogaloo is underway.  I failed to note that the only thing missing was AntiFa.  I'm reluctant to ever again say or even think, 'Damn, they've been strangely quiet.'


Anonymouse said...

Look closer at the MPLS footage. Black bloc is there.

Fûz said...

my expression was of regret that I assumed they had gone inactive, not one of surprise at their reemergence.

the moment we were aware of fires and looting, AntiFa was the first suspect.

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