Hey, hon, let's get patriotic
Bigwig describes how French kissing has become so, je ne sais quoi. Y'know. French.
It's official
I can show you this picture without upgrading to Pro:


Near-death experience
Blogspot could not find my blog.

After a few cleansing breaths, I logged into Blogger, republished my blog, and it reappeared.

Y'know, I was almost going to upgrade to Pro so I could show you some pictures . . .


The sum of Tom Tancredo's fears, and Michell Malkin's fears
Read this discussion about crackdowns versus liberalization of immigration and their impacts on homeland security.
Then read Kathy Kinsley's take on it.
Then mine.
Close enough for me
Horsefeathers proposes a concise set of principles for foreign policy.

I disagree somewhat with his fourth point:
We must help our businessmen to win out over our rivals in the great game of commerce.

If our policy does in fact provide our trading partners and ostensible allies "Paradise at our expense," our choosing to no longer bear that expense will adequately offset any economic advantage they have over us. Japanese "steel dumping" should no longer be an problem, for example.

Found this via the Third Hand.