Reason Feb2020

"On a global scale, inequality is declining.  While it has increased in the United States . . . "

Sounds like a long tail to me, and the sort of thing that a long tail entails. 

---David R. Henderson, in Reason, The Truth About Income Inequality, February 2020 (not yet available online)

If you're bitching about the broad, 'unitary' power of the Executive, blame Congress

Gene Healy (same guy who I used to read in Liberty? yep) in Reason:

"the more fundamental problem is the office, not the man. The presidency has grown far too powerful to entrust to any one fallible human. Will the current impeachment drive do anything about that?"

The unitary executive has grown excessively powerful because Congress has passed legislation that hands that power to the Executive.  Congress should not bitch when that power is abused.  Write legislation that the President can execute.  By the way, do we yet have a Federal budget for FY2020? (Continuing resolutions do not count)

And be prepared to argue that legislation's Constitutionality when the Executive asserts its own power to decide what is Constitutional and what isn't, what is discretionary for the Executive and what isn't.

In the same article, he praises Nixon-era Congressional reforms that would limit future Presidents, including (ahem) "the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act."

Wonder what Mr Healy thinks about FISA abuses, or whether he sees them as, in fact, abuses? 

Marketing study 403: Progressive presses

Dillon introduces a new press with the sole purpose of preparing cases for its other progressive reloading presses.  I didn't read the article yet, but it reminds me of Cabinet Man's recent inquiries about my RL450.

It's a four-station press that has no separate powder-check station, which kinda concerns him.  To be fair, those four stations don't reflect what I'd really want in a progressive press either.  The first station is meant as full-length resize and decap, and priming.  With GI brass, I have to decap separately and then swage the primer pockets, so I prep cases on a Rockchucker anyway.  The Dillon's first station is used only to prime. 

So if somebody wants to cleverly realign reloading functions for volume with GI brass, with resize, pocket swage, shoulder and case length checks on a separate platform, the four stations of an RL450 or 550 need to be rearranged. 

I can't visualize one station that both drops a powder charge, and verifies that the case has received its charge.  I also very much like seat and crimp as separate stations.  So move the powder charge to first station, right after the primer is seated. 

1:  Prime and powder charge.

2:  Powder check.

3:  Seat.

4:  Crimp.

The manual of arms changes from case-bullet-up-down-back-rest-rotate to case-bullet-back-up-down--rest-rotate so the case gets primed before the charge drops.  Some mechanical warning that there's no primer in the seater plug might also be useful.