What is it in the American psyche that we pay so handsomely to get hectored by these vermin?


you joined the NRA . . .

 . . . so now you want a medal, or something?

Sorry, I can't get very excited about you responding to the crisis only after it looks like it could really become a crisis.  Every time I hear someone say "Hey, everybody, I joined the NRA today,  and so should you!" I think one or more of the following:

  • what took you so damned long?
  • (update 2) are you the same guy who laughed in my face, or rolled your eyes, or called me a paranoid black-helicopter wacko when I suggested National Ammo Day a few years ago?   Why yes, yes you are. 
  • Congratulations on waking up on the gun owners' side of the battle line.  
  • Get just an annual membership, then spend the dough you saved on a Dillon press and . . .
 GOA, GONH in the East, RMGO for us Westerners, IJ, and numerous other organizations.  They have been fighting at State and regional levels, especially when the NRA didn't show up.  They complemented the NRA and made many of the NRA's gains possible---or prevented the NRA from caving when the NRA started feeling, y'know, centrist.   Send them some love and money too.

NRA didn't help Heller very much, in fact one can argue they interfered.  Thank Cato instead, their Bob Levy made the Heller win possible.  

Spend as much on these institutions and organizations as you would on your next scarcity-overpriced case of ammunition or your next batch of standard-capacity magazines---if you can find the ammunition or the mags.  You can't now, because they're gone. They're gone now because you didn't buy them before the sphincters closed.  The sphincters closed because you didn't support the organizations back when this stuff was cheap. 

In short, shame on you.  Stop congratulating yourself.  You have some catching up to do.

Update 1:  I forgot Firearms Coalition, founded by the architect of the Cincinnati Revolt and continued by his widow and sons.