Old Western Scrounger still breathes!!!!!

I hadn't ordered anything from them since before the intertubes.

Found via Gibbs Rifle via SayUncle.


aftermarket AK replacement parts

This is either an opportunity for an enterprising cottage industry type, or a bleg:

Who makes high-reliability domestic replacement parts for the Kalashnikov? Extractor, extractor spring and pin, firing pin and retaining pin, mainspring?

Sure, the original Warsaw Pact parts are making their way to the States, and probably in volumes that make aftermarket parts not worth the bother. I'm tempted to just get another kit or two (the ones with the worthless cut-up barrels) just to have replacement parts. But I'd probably just get Amerikanski barrels and build them.

Anybody have a lead?

If Glenn really wanted a solar-powered air conditioner

We should borrow recreational vehicle technology. I grasp the concept of the latent heat of vaporization, though this article on propane-powered RV refrigerators is a bit harder to follow.

What could be so difficult about scaling this hardware up to a size that could air-condition a house? The difficult part is radiating away the heat after the hardware is done with it. That task would be enhanced with a leetle photovoltaic power to drive a fan over the radiator.

Such a system would be about as obtrusive and unsightly as existing A/C units, if the solar collector and radiator can be hidden in roofing and chimneys. This is where engineers earn their pay. There would be greater difficulty selling these units past the esthetics prudes of homeowners' associations, than getting the equipment to work.

It's not as if we'd be dealing with dangerous or exotic materials: ammonia and water and a bit of hydrogen. The hydrogen would have to be replaced periodically, but that's easier, at the scales of the service technician and of the national economy, than powering automobiles with hydrogen.

Durability? Remember, the existing units are mounted on moving vehicles, getting vibrated and going through temperature and humidity cycles. It should be cake to build a unit like this suitable for home use in a climate with a lot of direct sunlight, like Colorado or Wyoming. Then it has the added Gaia-closed-cycle-ness of making more cold air when more is needed. Let's not burn propane to do this.

The domestic water heater can probably be integrated into this equipment too. Waste heat, remember?