Surprising, not fascinating: No Liquids Aboard edition II

Mr Keillor would never have made his eloquent pronouncement on the farce of airline security had he still been able to bring his Starbuck's aboard the plane.

Most people will not speak out like this unless and until they can visualize their own ox being gored. In his case the ox is a latte, but, well, we knew that.

His wit is the only thing he brings to the table, and he can turn it on and off like a spigot. The spigot itself has not changed: "'I'm a liberal and we love ridiculous government programs that intrude on personal freedom." I wonder whether he heard his own irony there?

"But where are the conservatives who used to object to this sort of thing?" A little more telling, that.

He'll have his answer to that question here.

No news here, kids. Certainly no new ally.