Add Nebraska

. . . to the list of States where I have lawfully carried concealed.


OK, I'll play!!

The Cabinet Man here...

Below is my "on the body" carry rig:

That's a Springfield Armory XDm in 45 ACP. It rides in a Blade-Tech IWB holster with pull-the-dot loops. The spare mag and a Surefire Z2 Combatlight ride in a Blade-Tech combo pouch. All of that gets strapped on with a Wilderness Tactical 1-1/2" polymer-lined Frequent Flyer belt. The rig conceals pretty well as long as I'm wearing baggy shirts or a vest/jacket. It's surprisingly comfortable, too!



Carry rigs

SaysUncle asks, "what's your carry rig?"

Milt Sparks Summer Special above, Dillon kinda Yaqui slide below.

Biter the stainless Commander is comfy in either. She rode in the Sparks all day today.

El Paso Saddlery two-mag carrier (from CheaperThanDirt) not shown.

And visible in the upper edge of the pic is the steel cable for the Center-of-Mass in-car safe, which is indispensable.