Proof, if you needed it, that guns make one stupid

I literally slapped the table with my hand upon reading it:  "Few students ask to have guns on Wyoming campuses, and when they do, the answer is likely to be 'no.'"

I'm not surprised.  Only one or two students, staff, or faculty need be told 'no' at local Community Cawlidge before the word gets out to likeminded others, not to bother asking.  Cause and effect are likely reversed.   

This is unfortunate, considering that not all that long ago, a concealed weapon would have been rather handy against a kid planning to kill his father with a compound bow and a knife.  Whether bringing the edged weapons on campus violated campus policy or Wyoming law is no consolation, because the father is dead and the kid didn't ask in advance. 

This pearl though:  “The presence of too many firearms can inhibit the educational process.”  We can see that the absence of a firearm (where and when needed) surely as hell Inhibited the Educational Process.  Jim Krumm, RIP, did not finish teaching that day, let alone the semester.   "[S]tudents watched horrified as Chris Krumm stepped into the classroom and unleashed an arrow at his father" sounds rather, er, educationally inhibiting, doesn't it?  "Casper College, where some 5,000 students are enrolled, canceled classes for the rest of Friday;" well, there you have positive sighting of Educational Process Inhibition. 

I'm willing to cut UW's Chief Samp a little slack. What cop would use such stilted and pretentious terminology?  I suspect he's parroting a talking point given him by his superiors in UW administration, and woe be unto him if he were to deviate from it.  That line goes something like, "guns make people stupid, if we have more guns on campus we'll have more stupid people, stupidity inhibits the educational process.  Universities are supposed to have no inhibitions on the educational process, we need no stupid people in them.  So no guns.  The law of this unenlightened land at least requires the unwashed to ask permission, so we simply deny it."  This from folks who claim to be teaching Critical Thinking to the generation who will be creating wealth to fund my Social Security benefits.

The likely result is, as suggested above, that the truly intelligent people who want to protect themselves on a college campus will simply pack heat carefully, without asking, or telling, anybody. 

Which is how Wyoming law on the limits of the CCW permit ought to read in the first place.