Test to recover comments

Ain't too happy with my commenting code recently. As usual, can't tell whether this is user error, change in code that I didn't stay current with, or flat-out broken code or bankruptcy on the part of the commenting system provider.

So the purpose of this post is to force Blogger to republish WUTT, and lefthandedly to apologize to all 4 of my regular readers for the gacked-up commenting.

Update: four minutes later, I think enetation has been hacked. Instead of "comments" appearing at the link to comments, the word "poseurs" appears. Don't like that. Comments work if I'm logged into enetation. Took the changes back out. Stumped. OK, gonna turn Blogger's comments on as well.

'Nuther update: my account at enetation maybe. Changed templates and reviewed settings. Lessee.

Yet 'nother update: had to rerun the counter. New settings, new template. Yippee.

Nadia is reborn

Sorry, no pictures yet, the digital camera is in the shop and I won't annoy you with grainies from the camera in my phone.

But Nadia was reverently dismantled and rebuilt over the last week or so, using a spare Tapco flat but the superb rails scavenged from an AK-Builder flat that I, ummm, ruined.

Brownell's Teflon-Moly oven-cure once again covers the receiver, all else remains the scruffy, beaten "battlefield pickup" finish of the original kit.

Snapcaps cycle through this action fine, gotta see how live rounds do. And this time, all of my mags, including polymer Pro-Mags, seat, lock, and feed.

One problem, that has plagued every build of mine so far: the receiver walls at the trigger pin are just far enough apart that the pin can back out of the hole on the starboard side, allowing the trigger and disconnector to cant inside the receiver.

There's still a visible gap between the inside wall of the receiver and the circlip of the trigger pin. When that gap is closed, the far end of the pin flops out of the hole. Will my caliper tell me that the trigger pin hole dimples in the receiver have flattened? Or that I am not bending the flat square enough? Or is my tempering technique warping the receiver right there (and will stress-relieving prior to tempering solve that)? Kinda stumped.

On Franciszka, I fixed this with a dab of J-B Weld surrounding the hole on the starboard side. For Jadwiga, I'm improvising a fixture that will press "Y" dimples around the starboard hole.

Photos won't be up for a while, possibly a long while. Sorry.