tech support question for Mac OS X geeks

My iRiver H120 no longer mounts on our G4 running Mac OS X 10.2.8. When I connect it to the Mac's USB, it beachballs for a while, then warns that the drive is unrecognizable and unable to mount, and would I like to format it?

Apple's support site mentions that a command might be missing from the hostconfig file, disabling it from automatically mounting removable drives. Yes, this command was missing (how did it get lost in the first place?), and now that's fixed and the player still doesn't mount.

In fact, I get that same "unrecognizable volume" warning days later, when I log back in. It's as if something is still asserting the presence of the player after it's been removed from the USB port. Even power-cycling doesn't remove the "ghost" player.

iRiver hasn't gotten back to me. Apple's vast support site has only one article on unrecognizable volumes and I've already doen what it advises. I now have to use Win2k to load up my player and frankly that sucks.

Any ideas? Zapping parameter RAM?