but do you think anybody would be grateful? Nooooooo

Glenn Reynolds sees the value in third parties, by keeping the extremists from prevailing:
this is how third parties traditionally have an impact -- by costing one of the two major parties close elections.

As Thomas Sowell put it, the GOP offers (mostly) second-rate firemen to protect my liberties, and the Democrat party (mostly) first-rate arsonists who would burn those liberties down. Having the second-rate firemen firmly in charge, with a majority capable of cloture over a filibuster, can be just as bad as having the arsonists in charge by just one seat.

Anyone from the Dems or the "moderate" GOP who appreciates the valuable service we Libertarians provide in keeping the even keel, please donate to one of the charities in the ribbon to the right, or to the LP itself. In a way we keep you guys from looking worse than you would, even without getting our own people into office.

What would really fix this problem, though, would be a return to the original State appointment (and State recall) of Senators, instead of directly electing them. But Libertarians would still have the Governorships to regulate.


My wife will be home from work any minute now

What Pulp Fiction Character Are You?

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the Fighting Uruk-hai!
Orcs are a hideous breed of distorted elven shape - bred in spells and twisted sorcery.

Iraq = Uruk = Orc.

It has got to be a prank, a ruse of some kind. Iraq is a province of Mordor?
Found via Sgt Stryker.
sans Toto
Northwestern Kansas is much like Southwestern Nebraska, or Eastern Colorado, or the Oklahoma Panhandle.

At night, while driving along whatever Interstate Highway that President Eisenhower has provided through that country, one can see the next town about 30 klicks out. One has a stunning view of a meteor should one enter the atmosphere. For the record, it burned out into tiny orange splinters directly south of me at mile marker 44 on I-70.

And at 0530, one can see both Venus and Mercury.

But no witches, no ruby slippers, no wizards behind the curtain. If I am lucky, no tornadoes either.


I prefer "breasteses"
I laud the idea of bloggers baring their breasts for charity and cancer awareness. Sainted Wyff would agree that I am what would be called a "breast man." However, just as Andrea Harris despises the usage "coming with?" or "going with?", I despise the word "booby" when used for a woman's breast.

Tits, please. Or hoots. Or a rack. Boobies sounds, umm, undignified.