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The terrorists' motive, we dimly realize as we notice their targets (an office building in New York, a dance club in Bali, men standing in line to become policemen and protectors of their people). The fact that we would never call it genocide has little to do with our opponents' motives but much to do with their power. We can destroy them - if we wish to unleash our arsenal. Even restraining those lethal machines, our wars against the states that protect them are over in weeks. We have the ability to commit genocide; they do not. That is why we should be held to higher standards, but we shouldn't ignore their motives. We can become villains because of our power, but the terrorists are not victims because of their

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Independence Day 2004

The Pundit Family were the guests of the Governor of Wyoming for fireworks at Cheyenne Frontier Park. For those of you familiar with the area, please enjoy.

M'selle Sklodovska, who normally dislikes loud noises so much that she wears earplugs for most busy restaurants, went without them for the fireworks display. She watched the display with slack-jawed wonder and applause.

Toad didn't seem to mind the racket either.

That racket, by the way, was not just from exploding fireworks. Thousands of cowboy boots were also thundering on the aluminum decks of the bleachers.