Meet Dudley Hiibel

We do not continue to serve in America's armed forces to make this kind of abusive shit possible:
One balmy May evening back in 2000, Dudley was standing around minding his own business when all of a sudden, a policeman pulled-up and demanded that Dudley produce his ID. Dudley, having done nothing wrong, declined. He was arrested and charged with "failure to cooperate" for refusing to show ID on demand. And it's all on video.

A Terry stop gone very wrong. Into the blogroll with it. A tip of the hat to the Scout Rifles list on Yahoo.


Trendwatch---Vermont-style CCW?

In spite of failure to pass an unlicensed-concealed carry law here in Colorado, other States are trying. Alaska succeeded last year, as Publicola notes. Now it's New Hampshire's attempt. Is this a trend?

The choice of people to testify is somewhat narrowed, unfortunately:
"You don't have a lot of victims of violent crime come and testify on bills like this, because most victims of violent crimes are dead," [State Rep. Packy] Campbell said.

Rep. Cambpell testified because he still has pills inside him, shot into him while he was waiting for a CCW permit to come through. Let's get him out here to testify when Colorado gun owners try Vermont-style again.

Update: The Manchester Union Leader weighs in on the right side. Live free or die, baby.