Savage Scout 11FCM and MEN milsurp NATO ball

not bad.  Now I need to download some Android app that can measure a photo of a shot group and pull out the group size. 

This is a five-shot group at 60 yards.  Flyer lower left.  The rest of that ragged hole was cut by 4 bullets, not three.  The group was shot with no defined point to shoot at, just my attempt at "center of the paper plate" using a Vortex Crossfire II Scout set at 2.5 power.

the tears in the paper plate are from spalls thrown from Grendel bullets hitting steel about 6 feet away, lower left.  Ignore them.  There's a story behind that steel I was pounding with Grendel but that story is for sometime telling in September. 

Lest one think that there's another flyer hidden under the nickel, same plate with the nickel moved:

Ammunition is MEN military surplus, 147gr NATO ball, lot MEN16E0836.  That ammo was priced very attractively about 2 years ago.  Shots were 2583, 2598, 2602, 2602, and yes, 2602 fps.  PACT chrono.  The widest extreme edges of that group (hole at 12 to hole at 3 o'clock) come in just under .750".