Uniform sorting

As new uniforms roll in, I've sought to keep them together in sets so as they wear out or fade, they get disposed of in sets.  At first, I labeled jacket and trousers with the month and year I got that set.  Then at times I got more than one set at a time.  Not very helpful for Sainted Wife to keep them together.

There were also a few sets that didn't get marked with anything when I got them, because I didn't realize how quickly the camo pattern faded.  Sainted Wife got into the act, when I noticed one set  with a red square Sharpied on the labels because she couldn't find any month and year. 

So the next uniforms I received, 3 sets of ripstops, arrived just as a muharib shot up a nightclub in Orlando.  Three sets at once, that needed to stay together as sets.

I labeled one set "Orlando."  Then another set "Garland" and the third "Ft Hood."

With our new normal of Islamic atrocities on US soil, I will be renaming the other uniforms.

Update:  today a uniform has been marked OHIO STATE.