I was really looking for election returns for the Colorado secession, and I got this (updated)

Dude, it was Czechoslovakia.  Just one "k."

A columnist who presumes to "edit[] Democracy:  A Journal of Ideas should rely on an editor or two himself, and a human spellchecker.

In a column where he laments the underlying discord in American politics and hopes to apply that as context to a secession vote in eleven counties in Colorado, he cites other sorrowful examples of other nations who couldn't stay married, in spite of the kids, and were sundered by the "culture-ization of their politics."

No matter that a guy named Tito kept those Yugos from piously murdering one another for most of a generation (defined as four 20-year spans, if you follow the Strauss and Howe model), for example.  A generational cycle of that length is about as long as any government-imposed common immiseration can be expected to hold together.  The New Deal included. 

(Typo corrected)