Quote for Today

comes from Raven Steve Cooper, who contributed this to the API list, in a discussion about many frontier lawmen who happened to come from the wrong side of the law, and their victims:
I bet there's many a nameless cowboy buried as a bad guy who was really just fighting for his rights.

With permission.

It's "Feeeooooooz" dammit

James Lileks guest-hosted Hugh Hewitt's radio program last night, and was riffing on the topic of what TRB stands for, in the case of The New Republic's weblog.

I called in with Tap, Rack, Bang, a malfunction drill for a weapon that goes click instead of bang. The producer couldn't get his head around my pseudonym, and James pronounced it "Fuzz."

Some disappointment. And I didn't even get to plug WUTT! on the air.

But damn, Lileks has a voice for radio.

Quote from two years ago

Found on the API list, back in October of 2001:
"We need to make Americans out of American children, not multiculturalists who accept the fiction that all systems and all beliefs are equally good."

Cal Thomas

We are raising our own kids this way, and we're vigilant for any sign of indoctrination from the government-run schools that will run counter to it. That said, I oppose (mildly) Colorado's law that my children recite the Pledge of Allegiance at school. Rarely will anyone younger than 12 or so understand what he or she is pledging himself or herself to.


Where's the Any key?

Ex-president Bill Clinton writes in longhand rather than compose his thoughts in MSWürd. Senator Hillary had to learn how to use e-mail to communicate with their daughter in college.

Can I have my Universal Service charge back?


I've found my coyote, alright

Swen offers the Cherry Creek Country Club as a good opportunity to take a coyote. A heartfelt thanks!

However, I've got one practically out the front door where I work. Four times in the last thirty days I've spotted a strapping lad who works his way from the prairie of Buckley AFB, over to the flightline to thin down the rabbits and prairie dogs among Colorado ANG's F-16 sheds.

He usually shows up at dusk, when the only lawful dynamic human-wildlife interface in that area, Fuji ASA 400 in a Canon T50 with an f/3.8 150mm lens, will barely reach him. He also understands very well that photography is prohibited on the flightline, so I have to catch him in the open before he crosses into it.

I've got about 8 exposures of him so far, and if exercises and Distinguished Visitors weren't getting in the way, I might have resorted to camping out in the upstairs latrine at Building 909 with a tripod and the doubler on the lens.

Update: I heard a pack of them yipping after midnight chow last night. Reminded me of the song "Me just a Worthless Coyote" from the Hank the Cowdog children's books. And e-Claire has had her own encounter with 'yotes.
Update 2: The photos are in. The dusk photos were badly underexposed. However, I caught one as he appeared at high noon near where they were singing a few nights before.