Good idea #728.3

After having gotten a good look at the M-Lok attachment standard, it occurs to me that handgun makers should be abandoning the trend of putting Picatinny rails on pistols, and adopting M-Lok slots on them instead. 

They look less obtrusive.  If you don't want to rail anything on your pistol today, the slots won't get in the way, and will more cleanly conform to holsters, compared to the Pic. 

And tomorrow, if you want to put the weapon light or the laser on your 1911's dustcover, you can.  And when that doesn't work out the way you had hoped, the accessory comes back off and the pistol returns to its original envelope. 

The accessories themselves would be a bit lighter and less clumsy too. 

A 1911 or Gloock dustcover with slots would be barely noticeably larger than a dustcover with no doodads at all.  Best if these slots were blind so all the junk in the world will not pass through them and interfere with the pistol's operation.  Or the pistol ships with rubber slugs for each slot, which pop out with a screwdriver. 

The standard slot seems to be about 32mm long, which could be hard to fit on a compact pistol.  Maybe an abbreviated slot length could be had, if the accessories' toggles were closer together to match. 

Hey Polymer80, get on this willya?