We're bringing the war back home
The occasion of the possible sunset of the 1994 Federal assault weapon ban reminds one: it is a respected ancient tradition for the victorious soldier to bring home a trophy from the vanquished. That trophy was usually a weapon claimed from his defeated foe.

What better to motivate some of our troops in Southwest Asia? Just remove the red tape.

Okay, yeah, it's just a Kalashnikov. But it's the thought that counts.


Oh to have been in that press conference
Some of the questions I would have posed to Tori Clarke:

  • Ma'am, can you comment on the company and the country of manufacture of the nerve agent antidotes discovered in the hospital?
  • If you cannot name the company or the country, can you at least comment on whether that country is a NATO, EU, or UN member?
  • Can you comment on whether that same company also provides war materiel to the United States?
  • Can you comment on when those antidotes were manufactured or shipped to Iraq, with reference to when any embargoes or sanctions were in place?
  • Does the mere existence of these antidotes in a military store of some kind represent a violation of any of the UN Resolutions in place at the time they were probably obtained by Iraq?

By the way, Tori's autograph graces a copy of the orders that put my butt on that Rotator. She and Rummy toured a Forward Operating Location where it was my privilege to meet them both.
Yes, I am openly and crassly bragging.
One year ago today
my ass was on a Rotator headed from Rhein-Main to Southwest Asia.

Today my days are spent preparing a Wing in the doctrine known as "C-CW Conops." It's not clear where I would rather be, here, safe in the States talking the talk, or in SWA walking the walk.

I pray over every meal that our people succeed and come home.