as a blizzard moves into SE Wyoming . . .

TWTR is bouncing between $22 and $23 a share.

We'll have a whole new generation of preppers, now that toilet-paper hysteria has shifted into shelf-life staples, generators, and chest freezers.  And a new subpopulation of gun owners.

Downside: one older fellow at Big Box yesterday was prying his debit card out of his wallet.  He licked his thumb to get more traction on the card, then showed it into the pinpad.  The manager was initially resistant to my idea of using a marked-down pressure washer to decon all the shopping carts, but maybe is warming to it.  The pinpads won't tolerate that treatment. 

Maybe UV will kill everything on cash.  Wouldn't be hard to rig a UV diode and biscuit fan in the tills to handle that long-term. 

The Rock Chucker is back from depot overhaul with a few new parts and fresh lube, and a brand new primer catcher.

Not too happy with the FedGov eager to print a few more trillion to bail out people who are close to the edge from market tumbles---plus airlines and cruise lines---but you go with the FDR you have and thank G-d the Wilsonians are writing off the BernieBros and breaking their backs (or their SKEDCO) dragging Sundown Joe to the finish line.  Hillary is the chest-buster inside Joe, as Kurt Schlichter puts it, and she was with the Donkeys all the way. 

Trump is signing the package he can get out of a dysfunctional Congress.  That's where the work must be done.  CDC deserves a good spanking and a mass depopulation after we find that They Had Only One Job and they weren't ready for it.