Migration to the former Blogger Beta turns out to have been a big mistake.

Dammit. I want rid of that NavBar, and my archives are missing.

Update 22 Dec: Okay, okay, RTFM. I'm still using a Blogger template dating from 2002. There are more than a few pieces of code in that template that haven't been supported since '04, archives being one of them. A quick cut and paste . . .

I just padded the BlogTitle down from the top of the blog with a sh17load of breaks so the NavBar doesn't walk over it. Might take some of them back out.

Hmmm, can I post photos from a Mac now?

Guess so. Alright, I'm not angry now.

Add South Carolina

to the list of states where I've CCW'd.

Time for a new advocacy group

All you need to know about the potential for abuse of dynamic entry is on display in the first 7 minutes of Terry Gilliam's Brazil.

Life imitates art.