Idea number 4024, pickup safari rack

The Family Truckster---'01 Ford F150 SuperCrew---has a bed so short as to be nearly useless. 

Its uselessness is compounded by a fabric tonneau cover stretched over it, with aluminum tube staves that brace it across the bed from side to side.  When rolling the cover out of the way, the staves get off track and tangle. 

I've also wanted some structure that extends above the bed, for lengths of lumber or a place to attach an enhanced HF antenna. 

So how about a rack that normally rests on that same surface where the tonneau and staves sit.  One at front and one at rear, on hinges.  Roll the cover out of the way, and hinge the two racks upward to form a rigid steel frame.  Two braces pop in between the two racks for front-to-back stability. 

There's almost enough room for these two racks to extend above the line of the cab and still fold flat, facing each other.