Wish lists, updated

We're launching two wish lists here at WUTT!, one the traditional Amazon-style, which we hopefully will build and link so that readers may browse to it and resupply Barbaloot with new Calphalon, if they become so generous.

The other, however, aspires to something less crass, literally less commercial, appealing to the nobler aspects of simple desire. This list will capture those things we long for, but cannot be bought with a PayPal account and delivered to a shipping address.

My first entry on this wish list: a live performance of the theme from Monsters, Inc somewhere in the south Denver suburbs.

My second entry on this wish list: to see Drew Carey and the Whose Line Is It Anyway? improvs do a variation on the Questions Only skit; instead of Questions Only, it will be song lyrics only. Each comic is limited to using lines from song from a given band or artist. Colin does Billy Idol, Ryan Stiles does Led Zeppelin, and Greg Proops does The Temptations.

Third: to hear Shania Twain perform a cover of Led Zeppelin's Hot Dog.

Fourth: another live performance of a Disney movie theme, The Incredibles.

Fifth (20080712): To hear and see Blue Man Group perform Depeche Mode's Policy of Truth.

Sixth (20110916): To hear R. Lee Ermy jody-call I Like To Move It Move It.

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