Not much point in making house payments any more, is there?

My hands shook with rage over lunchtime today after hearing how the Supremes ruled on Kelo. I uttered "son of a bitch" in the company of women and officers, and had to explain myself with uneven voice. They graciously understood. What stunned me was how little they were aware that this was even an issue in a court in our country.

No pretense of justice can now be entertained with respect to the five who ruled. Even Kennedy's hedging cannot be forgiven.

Cannot be forgiven.

Bouncing between Fox and CNN, it appears that only Fox gets it. Shepard Smith, him of the Purty Eyebrows, summarized the import of the Kelo ruling ably before a break.

What does not stun me is that commenters on this ruling, such as here, view the ruling as a competition between conservatism and liberalism.

I've got a few bucks to help ship people up Mrs Kelo's house for a sit-in. Apart from that, there is little left to contemplate, after Raich and now Kelo, except bitter agreement with this post.

That, and watching the real estate bubble burst.

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