Good news day for dysfunctional gun-nuts

Army Times announces that .45 ACP sidearms are coming back. No permalink available.

Airborne Combat Engineer describes a game of tastes-great/less-filling between proponents of the 6.8mm SPC and the 6.5mm Grendel as candidates for a new service rifle cartridge.

  • ACE quotes a critic of both cartridges, "In a barrel that length, some of the powder of both rounds will be wasted burning outside the barrel, displaying the firer's position to the enemy (except to the extent it can be hiden with a flash suppressor), and not helping the bullet move downrange rapidly." Utter bullshit. Some muzzle flash is inevitable. If Uncle Sugar changes to either of these cartridges, he has ample talent at his disposal to formulate a propellant load that burns efficiently before leaving the shorter barrel, if he has the sense to make that a requirement, and to make up his Soldiers' and Marines' minds on how long that barrel will be. That seems to have settled at 14.5 inches (agree, ACE?), which won't throw the Grendel to its full potential. It may suffice for the 6.8.

  • ACE notes: "The Alexander Arms site only says the '26 Grendel' (its name for the rifle which fires the 6.5mm Grendel) is 'under development,' which leads one to wonder why rifle introduced last May is not yet ready to be purchased." Does a complete AR-15 upper count? A bit salty at $939, I'll admit, and backordered until the end of this month, but I'd call that "available." Note also, it's a 24-incher. An 18" is listed by AA, but none shorter.

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