After-Christmas Wish List (updated)

Yet another list of Things I Want, now that Christmas is out of the way and the list is pretty much day late and dollar short. This list will grow as the year wears on, because someday it will be time for Christmas shopping again---or Our Birthday, Preciousss.

  1. A rappel harness and a couple of carabiners.
  2. Crankandstein grain mill

  3. A Dillon dress belt, 1-1/4", black. Strictly for Sunday churchgoing.
  4. A hard case for, er, golf clubs. Used would be just fine, as long as the hinges, latches, and locks are sound. Scratches and dings are OK.
  5. A Dobbshead apron for the X-Day cookouts.
  6. iWork
  7. A set of 500-lb rated Husky Hang-alls (this one qualifies for anniversary too)
  8. An in-car gun safe.
  9. A pair of Bionic Boots.

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