Hello, Miss Margaret

Luth-AR out back, Wolff extra power buffer spring, home-milled 80% lower, no-name eBay modular trigger, Voodoo integral bolt carrier, DeadShot 24" Grendel barrel and bolt, Odin click-adjustable gas block, no-name tubular handguard.   Athlon 4-14x44 FFP.  
and I'm out a 20-year-old drill press, it roasted as I was finishing the milling in this lower. The Polymer80 jig kit was handy, it will probably make it through a second lower.  I'll do a new lower for Bobbie Jo.  
Anybody make a pistol grip that looks like a Springer XD?  


maybe this can be witnessed only in flyover country

or again, maybe not: 

along the shoulder of a US highway as it passes through the former economic dynamo of the town, there poddled an electric scooter, facing against the traffic, with a guy sitting on it, using one leg to try to push it along. 

So let me get this straight.  A person who depends on an electric scooter to get around, riding a scooter with maybe not enough power left in the battery, or a motor nearly worn out, using one leg to boost it. 

If he's strong enough to boost his own electric scooter, maybe he does not need an electric scooter. 

At his rate, I've been home half an hour since driving past him.  I could probably find him and capture some video. 


tracer for 6.5mm

it's begun to annoy me that tracers are not available for 6.5mm, compared to US or Soviet calibers.

The prospect of  forming a cavity in a boattail and filling it with barium nitrate, magnesium, and other pyrophoric unobtainium compounds doesn't thrill me either.

Applique tracer devices stuck to otherwise non-tracer bullets intrigue me.  Glowammo seems to have disappeared, and may never have been introduced in rifle calibers anyway.  And there may be a reason they were not introduced.  Velocities too high for human eyes to track the glow or for the device to hang on to the tail, chamber pressures too high for the applique to withstand?

So I wonder if a phosphor compound could be mixed with ground glass filler and an epoxy, and dabbed on the tail of a bullet?  Would the intense heat and light of the burning propellant cause the phosphor to light up, but not burn up?

the next Grendel

I need a woman's name for this. She'll wear a 24" barrel and a 4-14x44 scope.