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we now have our Amateur Extra ticket. 

Waiting for word on my vanity callsign 


Revolver conversions I'd like to see

I've acquired a Dan Wesson 15-2, plain-vanilla medium-frame revolver with room for a 6-round cylinder of .357 Magnum.

The revolver was designed to allow the owner to switch barrels, from 2" to 4" or 6 or 8 or whatever.  The barrel itself is a tube threaded at both ends, and it rests in a shroud that can be vent-ribbed, full underlug, and so forth.  One end of the barrel threads into the frame, the other in a nut that in turn threads into the end of the shroud.  A special wrench gets at the nut, and a feeler gauge makes sure that you put the barrel back in with the right gap between breech end of the barrel, and the cylinder. 

The cylinder wouldn't be so hard to take out of the frame either. 

So why not a conversion kit, with 5-round .41 Mag cylinder, and replacement .41 barrel? 


inspiration from today's address by MG X, The Adjutant General

Do not forget that the United States became united, in a fundamental way, through force of arms.  The force was publicly demonstrated, but the arms were mostly private property.

The United States' union was later given structure and form, indeed purpose, through argument in philosophies that were informed by bitter European experience. 

Takeaways:  establish and defend a free space by force of arms, then govern it with logical application of fact. 

In that order. 


Hey, Cheaper than Dirt!

thanks for following. 

how about some Fiocchi 7.62x39 in case lots? 

Or . . . Berdan primers? 

Mechanical aptitude

Mlle Sklodovska inherited one of my older Windows notebooks.  It since had developed a nasty wheeze in the CPU cooling fan.  She was going through a can of computer air per week trying to get some foreign object out of it. 

Then one night, it stopped wheezing entirely.  And started issuing dire warnings that its CPU/graphics/wifi adapter/younameit was overheating. 

Newegg sold me a replacement blower that would arrive in days, not the weeks that eBay's Chinese sellers promised. 

I talked Mlle through taking the old one out and putting the new one in.  Which involved taking off the back, and the keyboard, and the mobo, to get the blower out.  Many, many M1x4mm screws. 

Thank God no soldering.  The ribbon connectors---trackpad to mobo, keyboard to mobo, wifi to keyboard---are surprisingly robust. 

Yes, this is a rewrite of the G4 repair saga

Mlle also knows how to weld with wirefeed and regular stick.  And her coaches at youth smallbore are coaching her to move on to highpower.  She wants a shooting coat for Christmas. 


Air Force Embroidered Chevron: Senior Master Sergeant - large ABU

Sainted wife and Frankenson---now a goateed six-footer---pinned these on me.  


It's not me you have to worry about, updated extensively

I have now packed heat lawfully in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Wyoming, New Mexico, South Dakota, Kentucky, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, and Utah.

No lives were lost.

The way things are looking, I will pack heat lawfully in Nyawk and Cahlifawnia before I become a grandfather. 

Note that there are slackers:  I'm talking about you, Nevada.  And West Virginia. 


fodmaps and QR codes

Another wish for the wish list: an Android app that looks up the ingredients of a food by QR codes and rates it for FODMAPs.