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On the left, Hornady 150gr FMJBTs in front of 56gr IMR4350.  On the right, Midway blemished 168gr plastic-tip HPs in front of 48gr Win748. 


A cop can find who accessed her driver license record but . . .

A highway patrolman stops a speeding cop, the cop launches a prick war against her, and she files "a public records request with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. It turned out she was right: over a three-month period, at least 88 law enforcement officers from 25 different agencies accessed Watts' driver's license information more than 200 times"

Yet NSA can't figure out what classified information Snowden got his hands into, and assumes he got into All Of It.

The technology is there, just not being applied.  


a chamber cast of Anduril

I took a chamber casting of the Remington 600 known as Anduril.

At the neck of the cartridge case, diameter is .348".  At the freebore, it is .312".  After the rifling has begun, it's .310"

that sounds a bit over.  Any ideas, readers?  Is this barrel d00med?

Update:  using my l33t Bene Gesserit training, I managed to slip the caliper on the cast just forward of the freebore, between the lands, and it's really .308" in there, and I'm not scraping Cerrosafe off of the casting.  Maybe not d00med.  But the very short magazine box plus the approximately .225" of freebore really limits bullets that will touch the rifling.  Would almost rather have the barrel pulled, lop off one or two threads of barrel shank, twist it back in and have a new chamber cut with less freebore.  

Update 2:  gotta keep in mind that Cerrosafe expands to .0025" oversize after it has done cooling, in another 7 days or so; this cast was taken Monday afternoon.  That expansion is on the same scale as my measurements tell me the chamber is oversize in diameter.

And we found SAAMI specification drawings.  The freebore is supposed to be only about .08" long.  That may be the only problem with this chamber. 



Propellants are slowly returning to the shelves.  The slower IMRs and Hodgdon numbers in particular, and shotshell propellants.  I took 2 lb of H335 to try in Grendel and 762NATO.

Still no BL(C)-2.  If this is how long it takes suppliers without permanently expanding capacity, then, well . . . this is how long it takes. 


I was really looking for election returns for the Colorado secession, and I got this (updated)

Dude, it was Czechoslovakia.  Just one "k."

A columnist who presumes to "edit[] Democracy:  A Journal of Ideas should rely on an editor or two himself, and a human spellchecker.

In a column where he laments the underlying discord in American politics and hopes to apply that as context to a secession vote in eleven counties in Colorado, he cites other sorrowful examples of other nations who couldn't stay married, in spite of the kids, and were sundered by the "culture-ization of their politics."

No matter that a guy named Tito kept those Yugos from piously murdering one another for most of a generation (defined as four 20-year spans, if you follow the Strauss and Howe model), for example.  A generational cycle of that length is about as long as any government-imposed common immiseration can be expected to hold together.  The New Deal included. 

(Typo corrected)




Open Letter to the GOP Congressional Delegation

Dear Republicans in the US Senate and the House of Representatives:

I am not a Republican.  You owe me no particular debt.  I may have voted for one or another of you while registered in several States over the years, but most of that time I was registered with a third party.  I remain so today. 

For some of you I had very great hopes.  Some of you then turned and betrayed those hopes. 

So don't get an inflated ego when I say that I generally despise the Democrats across from you, partly for their refusal to pass a Federal budget for the last 4 years they held a majority in the Senate, partly for their mischaracterization of your newer, more energetic, and dare I say more ideological members. 

You can yet earn my malediction, and the best way to do so is to cave in to those Democrats.  The next best way to do so is to turn on those newer, more energetic, and more ideological members of your own party.  They have led a dangerous, risky, odious effort to defund, delay, or repeal the PPACA.  They drew the line and they tried to defend it.  The leadership of your party has abandoned and abused them. 

If you're from Wyoming, you should be familiar with the name Lane Frost.  All he had to do was stay on the bull for eight seconds.  It took everything he had for those eight seconds, and he trained a (short) lifetime just to know what to do during those eight seconds, to last that long. 

Your job is easier than what Lane Frost had to do.  All you have to do is, well, nothing.  Just hold on, ignore the bucking, ignore the noise of the crowds.  Don't give in on a delay now, don't insist on defunding.  Just keep the law exactly as it is right now, and leave the Obama administration's people in place too.  Keep his team exactly as it is for a few more weeks.  Insist on no firings.  Pass no "if you like it you can keep it" bills.  Carve no new exceptions.  Mind your damned manners with your own caucus.

All you have to do is nothing but hold on. When you get thrown, the sand will break your fall, and there will be clowns unwittingly helping you to run to safety. 

If you don't even bother to climb on the bull, you are on the sidelines forever.