It's not me you have to worry about, updated extensively

I have now packed heat lawfully in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, Wyoming, New Mexico, South Dakota, Kentucky, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, and Utah.

No lives were lost.

The way things are looking, I will pack heat lawfully in Nyawk and Cahlifawnia before I become a grandfather. 

Note that there are slackers:  I'm talking about you, Nevada.  And West Virginia. 


fodmaps and QR codes

Another wish for the wish list: an Android app that looks up the ingredients of a food by QR codes and rates it for FODMAPs.


a difficult mother to tie

Prusik loops formed from .065" string trimmer line. For use as tandem belay on a hauling system based on .105" trimmer line. The 105 is powerful s#17, it broke a rope cleat today.

Tieing these little buggers was a trial. Next time, I soak the line in water a day or more before knotting.


Lautenberg violation for her too

So an ubicam in the elevator may have captured for Eternity that Ray Rice's at-the-time fiancee spit on Ray.  Then he decked her with that left hook that even NPR's metrosexual sports commentators commentated.  Sometime after that, they wed.   

Question no one is asking:  Will Mr Rice receive the coveted domestic violence misdemeanor conviction that Frank Lautenberg says disqualifies him permanently from firearm ownership? 

Question that I am asking:  does Lanay spitting on Ray constitute an act of domestic violence as well, rising to Lautenberg Amendment violation?  

No, the question I'm really asking is:  has a man been Lautenberged by a DV conviction, given for the act of spitting on his domestic partner?  Yeah, that's it.  

and that's when Jack said, "That's right! There ain't no frickin' french fries, just like I've been trying to tell ya!"

Visited a Jack in the box™ today and was invited to take their survey. 

Had I known that they were running a special on a salted caramel shake, I might have dropped the burger and gotten that instead. 


Excellent steaks in Hudson, Wyoming


Bettie Jean's menu

On the left, Hornady 150gr FMJBTs in front of 56gr IMR4350.  On the right, Midway blemished 168gr plastic-tip HPs in front of 48gr Win748.