First, a note in the form of an apology in advance: I will not be posting to this blog with anything of the regularity or the frequency of Glenn Reynolds. Someday, perhaps. But I will claim him as my blogparent (he is of course free to disown me as a blogchild). Sorry, when I get back to the States and access Blogger through bandwidth that I buy and pay for, I'll catch up.

Second, I prefer to remain anonymous for now, much like Sergeant Stryker used to.

But I will share some biographical info with you:
Military part-timer, have been called up since the WTC/Pentagon attacks (I refuse to abbreviate that event as "9/11").
Gun-rights advocate.
I know somebody who knows Coyote.
My home town is somewhere between Vodkapundit and Geekpress, much closer to the latter. I used to drive past Sedalia, Colorado every day.
Was raised and spent most of my life back East, transplanted to Colorado.

Friday 2002-08-09 06:17:32 Walter in Denver colorado.blogspot.com 1st Comment! Dibs on the front seat!

Friday 2002-08-09 16:59:37 Fuze Walter, that means you have to hold my beer while I drive.

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