Been there, Done that, got the T-shirt
I see T-shirts silkscreened with "Operation Enduring Freedom---Anti-Terrorism Strike Force." Sounds a little puffed-up to me. The real anti-terrorism strike force people are caffeinated spook guys with no markings on their uniforms except blood type, who sit together to eat UGRs silently in a crowded and noisy chow hall, who were ordered to grow a beard. They don't wear T-shirts bragging about it.

The "enduring freedom" part is smarmy too, and as poor a choice as "infinite justice". Who comes up with these names?

Should we turn our cannon towards Iraq, we should jettison "Enduring Freedom" and open up a new operation, setting its tone with a more forceful name.

My candidate:

Operation Fateful Lightning

How better to unhinge Islamofascists and Islamapologists than the Battle Hymn of the Republic?

This'll impress Shania Twain
And the country & western video for Battle Hymn will practically make itself. As if one were needed.

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