if I had an Oscar Meyer weiner . . .

if I got my hands on a 3-D printer, the first thing I'd like to try is a replacement barrel bushing for a Star PD.  The 3-D printer would make a plastic version of it, but then I'd try using the plastic version as a mould for an investment casting.  Somebody around here can investment cast carbon steel, no?

But the real cool thing I'd like to try is a stretched double-stack 1911 frame.  Imagine slicing down through the frame along the magazine well, and making that magazine well about 2mm longer, front to rear. That ought to be just enough so a double-stack magazine of 7.62x25mm Tokarev would fit.  That cartridge is too long for a standard or doublewide 1911.

3-D print that frame, with gaps for hardened steel slide rails to be pressed into the plastic.  Finish with standard or double-wide 1911 parts as needed, and a .38 Super slide.  3-D print a barrel for the Tokarev, and have that buddy investment cast that for you too (update:  or use J&G Sales's Tok barrel).  A 3-D printed magazine will be needed too.  It would probably have capacity for 15 or 16 rounds. 

Update:  is there any way to mix graphite fiber flakes into the plastic line that feeds into the 3-D printer?  


jed said...

Oh, you like the 7.62 Tokarev too? I've wanted a CZ-52 for years. Should've bought one years ago, just never came across one when I had money to spare for such things.

I don't know about mixing carbon-fiber flakes into a 3D print feed. I think you'd just get flakes embedded in your part, without any benefit, and in fact a detriment, because you'd be reducing the amount of plastic, without gaining any strength from the carbon fiber. The flakes would just remain flakes, I think. I've read a bit about that process, and the really cool stuff is tied up in patents.

Fûz said...

the CZ52 is breathtaking to shoot.
though if you find a TT33/clone at the right price, grab it.

I have a small pile of brass formed from 9mm Win Mag, plus some Chinese and Russian milsurp.

Carbon fiber: bummer.

Fûz said...

Thurd idea: a receiver for a Vz61. Plastic might hold up OK for that application.

Forth idea: FAL upper, to be investment cast. Though I'd want to get all sophisticated with the design and reduce the weight. There's not much "leger" about the Fusil Automatic Leger.