12V rechargeable flashlight

Blegging for recommendations for a metal bodied flashlight:
  • impressive, maybe even intimidating, light output
  • replaceable bulb or LED assembly
  • rechargeable
  •  . . . by 12V via a cradle
  • available replacement battery pack
  • suitable for mounting in an automobile, constantly on charge by permanent wiring into the vehicle's electrical system
  • body stout enough to use as a bludgeon, at least twice
  • low enough price to put on an Amazon wish list without sheepish grin
  • lanyard, or place to attach one
Please post in comments if you can suggest a make and model. 


jed said...

Geez, you don't ask for much, do you?

Well, I'm not a flashlight junkie, at least not like some folks over at Candlepower Forums. But I do gaze at the wide assortment of such items on occasion. I've never seen what you're describing.

Fûz said...

Amazon offers a couple of lights in the 500 lumen range, attractively priced I might add, but I can't handle them or crack melons with 'em to evaluate EVERY bullet of my list.
yes, I do ask for a lot.