Gone and done it

Had to pull the plug on the old template. Enetation stayed awake last week long enough for me to download all of the comments from day One.

There was too much legacy junk in WUTT!'s template to allow a new commenting service to offer a place for them to go.

I'll roll the other features of the template into this new one as time allows. There may be some color changes and such also.

Meanwhile, I sat on the flight deck of a C-17 for a landing along the Columbia River yesterday. Very nice. Any readers in Benton or Franklin Counties in Wash state?


Anonymous said...

Not in WA but in Eugene, OR for 2nd daughters grad with 2nd BS degree from the 12th through the 15th.

jed said...


Okay, your blog, your choice. But dang that orange sure pops out at one. (Or is it "pumpkin"?)

Good deal on saving the comments.

Sigh, it's been too long since I've seen the Columbia.

jed said...

Your visited link color could use some tweaking.


The culprit here is this from your stylesheet:

a:visited {
color: #e0ad12;

#f2984c -- same as your H1 visited link color would work fine there.

Not sure how that big bunch of variable definitions interacts with what winds up being delivered to the browser as style info. You might need to fix it there as well.

Fûz said...

this is a canned Blogger style chosen at random. I'm not above customizing.

would appreciate some ideas on how to graft CAIF-exported comments back into this blog. There are more than a few from you, my friend.

drach: damn, sorry I didn't see yr comments until I'd been back from WA for 2 weeks. am a slouch. will see you in about 9 days

jed said...

Looks much better now.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about the underpinnings of Blogger. I know there's a thing called the "Blogger API" -- uh, since superceded by the Google Deeloper API. Docs there seem kinda sparse to me, but I didn't spend a lot of time looking around. Ah, creating comments, but you'll have to parse the CAIF and renoberate it into the ATOM XML for a comment.

July 10th? Hmm. No Xroads show until Aug 16th. Better shoot me an e-mail if there's some event I need to know about.