Redneck MP3 player

My wife and in-laws presented me with a gift lo three birthdays ago, a Rocket eBook model 1100. A nifty device about the size of a paperback, that would download, store, and display eBooks. I already had been spanking the Palm for two or three years, and was reluctant to begin traveling with yet another gizmo, its case, charger, and associated cables, so it went mostly unused. The choice of materials to read on it was underwhelming too, compared to AvantGo material I was already downloading to the Palm.

Years have gone by, and I'm thinking about an MP3 player, but too stubborn or stingy to buy one. The eBook has audio capabilities aboard, and a slot for SmartMedia storage, and it's otherwise unoccupied and in good working order.

Anybody ever hack into these devices and repurpose one into an MP3 player?

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