Kill it, kill it, kill it

I just called both of Colorado's Senators, urging them to kill S.1805, the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Amendments have been added to it, both to reenact the assault weapon ban (renewal is a euphemism) and mandate Brady background checks on private sales at gunshows.

Don't trust the House conference to strip these provisions when the Senate and House versions are reconciled. Don't trust the NRA to hound the conference to do so. Let's see how many NRA A- or B-rated Senators actually voted for the amendments, or will vote for the full S.1805 as amended.

We can do without the lawsuit immunity if the present court track record continues, and more states enact immunity laws on their own. Rather than take a medium win with two huge losses inside it, let's take a medium loss on immunity and deny the banners their two wins.

S.1805 must die.

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