The Sum of Tom Tancredo's Fears
Mr. Al-Muhajir represents an interesting question. Could he be Al-Qa'eda's incarnation of Ding Chavez?
I've been around a few Middle Easterners during my, ahem, travels, and some of them could surely pass as Latinos as easily as some Latinos could pass for Middle Easterners, as Tom Clancy's character did. The challenge is teaching someone how to walk, speak, dress, make change, and gesture in a way that does not attract attention among natives of the impersonated culture. The infiltration of such agents is made easier if the impersonated culture is underground, such as the migrant workers crossing the border with Mexico.

Like so many other problems we Americans have, the answer here is to normalize, meaning decriminalize, the flow of Latinos into the United States. We can't count them, document them, examine them, and winnow out the saboteurs and terrorists, if they will not present themselves to the authorities to be counted, documented, and examined. Require them to identify themselves as they enter a suitable border station, but let them enter, and require them to leave periodically, even if it's just to prove where they are.

And while mentioning Clancy: Sum of All Fears just didn't set the hooks for me. The only part I liked was the casting of John Clark---righteous.

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