Met a not so nice girl on Skype. Not taking her to meet Mother


jed said...

Valentine's Day has sure changed since the internet.

Oh, and that bit.ly link goes to a suspended account. :-)

And I couldn't tell you how long it's been since I've had Skype running. Damn thing was using a lot of bandwidth, even when idle. Well, screw that. If I ever find myself needing something resembling that, I'll check out Sip2Sip or somesuch. Haven't specifically looked, but I'm guessing telephony over IP apps abound. That's why I got Skype to start with, back in the old-old days.

As for chat, well, I never could get anyone else interested in Jabber. Possibly because it lacks webcam solicitations.;-)

Fûz said...

I'd like to find a Skype alternative too. Tried bitmessenger on an earlier computer, and couldn't tell whether it was working.

Let me know if you want to experiment with some peer to peer crypto stuff. Webcam not important, solicitations even less so.

jed said...

Let me get back to you on that. There's a website I need to find - thought I had it bookmarked. If you're not using the earthlink account, send an e-mail to my cotse address, and we can go from there.