The mess that has been left

It's bad enough that since the atrocity, retailers and manufacturers have tightened their sphincters of supply of blasters and their expendables. 

It's even worse that most people I know are only now, with the supply tightening and prices rising, placing hard orders for the blasters and expendables.  "Know where I could get an M4?"  Me:  "I used to.  Probably gone now, for twice the price you could have had two weeks ago." 

All I can say is "I've got mine."  Now I have to put up with primers going for $.04 apiece. 

Meanwhile, the NRA EVP holds a press conference, and some wank interrupts/heckles it.  Nice attempt at a "national conversation."  Instead, as Larry Correia explained so succinctly, it isn't a conversation, it's a lecture.  Many think LaPierre rocked the presser---after looking over the release I'm not so enthusiastic. What about Fast and Furious?  What about government attempts to increase violence, and cement its association with private firearms ownership and commerce, on our Southern border? 

Meanwhile, and in a spirit of sincere national dialog rather than dismissing anti-gun writers out of hand, have a look at Cahan's post:

Repealing drug laws would do more --  much, much, much more -- than banning assault rifles (a measure I would agree is quite appropriate); barring carrying of concealed handguns in public  (I'd vote for that in my state, if after hearing from people who felt differently from me, I could give an account of my position that fairly meets their points and doesn't trade on tacit hostility toward or mere incomprehension of  whatever contribution owning a gun makes to their experience of a meaningful free life); closing the "gun show" loophole; extending waiting periods etc.  . . .  we are entitled to make policy on the best understanding we can form of how the world works so long as we are open to new evidence and aren't otherwise interfering with liberties that we ought, in a liberal society, to respect.
 The "if after hearing from people who felt differently from me" part is what thoughtful people call dialog.  Or a conversation


jed said...

Good day, Fûz, and Merry Christmas.

Yeah, I've got mine too. Obviously, though, I diddled too much on ammo. Well, I'll reload what I can, and try to get more components over time. But AR #2, which currently consists of a lower and LPK ... I'm still hoping to finish it.

Fûz said...

Merry Christmas, Jed!

The nearest Sportsman's Whse was almost cleaned out of small rifle and large rifle primers this evening. Though to their credit they hadn't jacked up prices. So we grabbed 2k of large rifle primers for just under $.03 each. Their propellant prices looked unchanged too.

If only the momentary uptick in demand meant that suppliers would spin up to meet it.

Fûz said...

on the downside, Pat's Reloading (should be in the blogroll when I get that working again) is just plain out of all propellants except those for .50BMG and blanks. J&G Sales is out of MBR ammunition. Ammoman's page is no more than a banner, "we're closed until we have caught up on existing orders."