No irreversible damage

The cheap milsurp plastic grips on Beater the utility blaster cracked, right across the panel, through the upper screw hole. Both panels.

A cast-aside 6' slab of 1/4" Lexan was looking at me from the corner of the garage, like the Cheetos cheetah: "you know you want to do it."

I hacked out two pieces about the size of M1911 grip panels, and started rasping away anything that looked like it didn't belong there.

The WECSOG grip panels aren't done. They are fitted to the frame, with the countersinking and the relief for the detent plunger doodad, and the outline. But the contouring is only begun.

When it is to the desired contour, it will be stippled for texture.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of polishing the scratches out of the grips after stippling?

Erik in Colo.

Anonymous said...

You might want to think about checkering instead of stippling - all you really need is a single-line checkering tool (available pretty cheaply from any number of suppliers, starting with Brownell's and going on down the line...), a flexible six-inch or one-foot scale (an ordinary one-foot ruler willl do, in a pinch), a sharp pencil and a simple "How-To...", which you can find on-line. Looks pretty cool when you're done, and gives a better grip than stippling, in general.

When you finish with the contouring, you can get it smoothed down with 400-grit and 800-grit emery cloth, of course - use the 800 with some water, at the end, and the scratches will almost be gone.

Good idea, BTW - that's some kind of tough plastic...