Waste of ethics.

'Clause' for the day rather than 'quote' for the day. Sorry, that's the best I can muster.

What exactly would constitute a "waste of ethics"? In that ethics is self-approval in what one does not do, "waste of ethics" represents an exertion, an effort, an application of energy, to avoid doing what one's philosophy tells one not to do because the consequences (if discovered) are, um, existential. If your lapse is discovered, your reputation is forfeit. However, if you apply this effort and gain no return, is the effort wasted?

In short, can one look back on the effort one exerted to be ethical and deem it a failure or loss? Can one waste ethics?

My confusion elicits this post.

I happened upon that clause by following this chain: Bacchus to Susie Bright to a commenter at Susie Bright.

Warning: Joan Jett is involved. Don't tell Berke Breathed.


James R. Rummel said...

Interesting, in a conundrum kind of way.

Rob De Witt said...

None of this is new, by the way. What you have come upon is classically described as apostasy, the abandoning of your faith or cause due to what really amounts to convenience.

Resist, brother. Do the right thing, and you do too know what I mean.

Fûz said...

Rob, I'm not going to become a lesbian biker chick.