another fine vendor

All of Bill Quick's SHTF ruminations remind me of Honeyville Grain. Into the blogroll with them!

If I had a Mormon bishop's store nearer to me, I'd be shopping there to stock up on certain items before H1N1 hits. But I don't, and Honeyville fills the void.

Honeyville packs some very good staple foods in well-sized packages. When the shipping is considered, the prices are good, I think. We've ordered nothing larger than 5# cans, but we may be about to. The Big Brown Truck is happy to drop it off.

Whole grains, TVP, freeze-dried fruits, dehydrated dairy and egg products. Go browse. I found them while searching for bulk red wheat.


Anonymous said...

You know, you've seen the elephant and might have some insight. How many calories per day per person are you planning for?

Check survivalblog.com, too, for some good deals on Mountain House #10 cans of freeze-dried stuff. Or, they seem like good deals to me.


Fûz said...

Because of budget constraints and an uncertain timeline (when supplies shut down and for how long) I'm not planning the acquisitions so much as I'm acquiring what I can, when I can, on instinct.

We're doing this for a family of six, including 1 teen and an incipient teen. Growth spurts are real.

It took some cajoling of the spousal unit, but now she's finally on board that H1N1 should be taken seriously, and a depression on top of it is plausible too. She does the routine, weekly buying and it's limited to two or three extra flats of canned or grains per Sam's Club trip.

If I get very ambitious, I'll take an inventory of all we've built up, and break it out into kits to last us for one week each. I'll take a stab at calories and grams of protein per person per day.

The MRE is a poor model, it is intentionally built with excess calories. Just look at what it is made for. It's also far too expensive and uses too much packing material for my/our purposes.

The Mormons have this down to a business. They'll share their information with you enthusiastically. If you have any nearby, get friendly with them.

I'll come take a look your way, it will probably help me direct our purchases more accurately.

Anonymous said...

I don't have the issues you have, certainly, with growing kids and such, so I'm not as constrained. But I do have a sense of frugality, so I've been looking at ways around the Mtn House expense dilemna my ownself. I like the big box model with flats of canned veggies, grains, etc., because you can build up a nice supply chain in your garage fairly cheaply.

Personally, I like the MRE model on calorie count, because I think in tough times, I'll be doing a lot more physically active stuff, and will require that level of calories (or close to it.)

What I haven't done is figure out what level of protein vs. carbs I'm going to need. My personal tastes tend more to the protein side, but I know I'll need more carbs than I do today because of the non-necessity of sitting on my big butt reading the internets.

More to come, probably via email -- gotta go gas up the dragboat right now.