about the kit

Bill Quick is floating the idea of amateur radio gear for post-apocalyptic San Francisco.

This is what we have in Chez Fûz, geared towards mobile QRP.

Yaesu FT817ND, a 2.5/5 W transceiver that runs every band from 160m to 70cm, except 1.25m and Weather.

A Buddistick HF antenna that I'm still figuring out.

An LDG Z100 autotuner that I'm hacking various other antennae for.

A couple sealed lead-acid batteries that will keep the 817 running for a couple of days between charges.

It's cool for me, Bill will probably want something else.


Chad said...

Nice setup. I've got to get me a small HF rig for portable use sometime soon.

Fûz said...

TCM will have to weigh in with his "small HF rig."

Note that Bill Quick is contemplating gear that can be packed in a Faraday cage, to protect it against EMP.

So whatever you get, choose something you can afford in twos. One to practice on and the other to wrap in tinfoil.

No, I have not followed this advice myself.

James R. Rummel said...

Good post!

I notice that you call metal foil "tin foil". So do I. Shows our age.