I no longer have a use for any of these. There's a box somewhere for me to drop these off so perhaps they can be fitted to somebody else.

I'm another satsified customer of the USAF Warfighter Refractive Surgery program.

Now, the two pair of combat spectacles (upper left and lower right) are available to my readers, there's a third pair not shown. If you are OK with having lenses cut for them to your own prescription, email or comment to me. If I don't hear from anybody about them in about a month they're going on eBay. The frames are size 50-22.

The frameless ones, shown lower-middle, are for Army M-40. Tell me if you want 'em. There's a second pair not shown. The hoops to mount them in the M-40 are trashed.


James R. Rummel said...

I got laser surgery myself some years back. Best money I ever spent.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Fuz!


dave@pervasivelight.com said...

wifey just got laser'd a few months ago. loves it.

as for donations, I belive the lions club to be a worthy organization (despite their having Jimmah Carter on the website).

Fûz said...

the Lions Club posts their donation boxes in every AF optometry office I know of. They are who I had in mind when I mentioned donations. And if it's plug, good on you.