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Six years ago, my blood showed triglycerides over 200. My weight was in the low 180s. I was counseled to give up the red meat and cheese. I did not. Only a daily fibrate brought the trigs below 200.

Yesterday I mentioned in passing to my team's PA that I am following an Atkins program. He responded harshly and insisted on a fast and labwork. It seems that he has seen some people who either stay in induction far too long, or who yo-yo in and out of induction, rather than following the program and finding a maintainable carb level.

After 8 weeks of Atkins, the trigs are below 45, so low that LDLs cannot be reliably measured. Weight went from 185 to 165. No adverse numbers of liver function. Urine pH of 6.0, trace proteins, no ketones.

My PA took a look at the numbers and flipped me the bird.

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Sheila1948 said...

The reality of how great this way of eating, turns into success, kills the pro's, and they simply can't understand it.
Of course, that would take knowing how it works, but that would take reading, and educating yourself about it first, and that takes about 99% of them out of the picture.

Years ago I told my doctor about it, and that I was on it and would stay on it with his help. He flipped out, said I was going to kill myself, well, 6 months later, when all my numbers were perfect, and I had lost 70 lbs., he just shook his head in unbelief. I gave him a copy of the Atkins book, and to my shock he read it! He now puts his patients on it, and has even taken some of them off of their diabetes medications, along with many others that were taking blood pressure meds.

He never tells other doctors about it anymore, he tried, and they really gave him a hard time. Sad!

Stick to it, follow Atkins way, and don't change it to your own, and anyone will have great results, but better still, your numbers, and your life will change.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they change something, and then when the numbers show it, it gets a bad reputation.

You have to know ALL of the wonderful information Dr. Atkins left us.

It works, Period!

Thanks for reminding me....