Just how serious are they?

IP's post caught my eye, about Amazon's venture into marital appliances. "Heh," I guffawed to myself, "they'll go only so far. The Rubicon---the mark of the aesthete of that industry---is the bright red rubber ball gag. Lacking that, their line is no better than one of those philistine gas stations off I70 in Missouri. I bet I won't find one there."

Damn. Third time I've been wrong this month.

Some things I have to rethink, as evidenced by this intemperate and ill-considered thought of mine. Why would Amazon "rep in" only part of another outfit's online catalog? And if so, on what criterion would they choose which products to admit, which to exclude? Cheaper, faster, broader appeal to just bring the whole catalog in (Frolics in this case), which is Amazon's forté in the first place.

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