. . . and they loaded up the truck and they moved to Laramieeeeeee

. . . County, that is. Drivin' wind. Antelope.

First week was a cluster for reasons I'd rather not recount. But I was hired to put things in order, after all, and that I will do.

A Quiz With No Known Correct Answer for all five of my regular devoted readers:

You might not know that at Air Force Bases, the Commissaries (subsidized grocers for the servicemembers) do not hire baggers. Volunteers bag your groceries, and work only for tips. A little box or jar right at the end of the cashier stand lets you drop in as much or as little as you will for your bagger.

While I was still at Golfball Prairie AFB, sometimes Barbaloot would text me a full shopping list and I would buy it and drive home with it. I'd make sure I had a couple of bucks---not $1 per bag like an airport skycap, Hey, I work for a living!---and give it to the bagger when she loaded it into my trunk. BTW, the baggers there are all Japanese or Korean. Wonder why . . .

On the other hand, there were times when I had no cash, and I knew I could get a tray of sushi at the Commissary, put it on plastic, and get back to work quickly, but chose not to tip the bagger because hell, it was only lunch. The bagger dutifully bagged it for me anyway. I had to concentrate to not feel like a heel for not tipping.

So it's crossed my mind every time I shop at an AF Commissary, either at Golfball AFB or now at Windswept AFB: who do you think tips best and who tips worst? Airmen, Junior NCOs, Senior NCOs, Company grade officers, or Flag officers? Married or single? Male or female? High-and-tight, or Post-modern?

If any genuine Commissary Baggers read this sheet, I'd like you to chime in.

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