Getting closer to a notebook killer

I remarked in this post about how there's a market for a hybrid PDA/computer, using a stripped Palm-type operating system to access what's stored on it, but shifting to a full desktop OS when docked to appropriate hardware.

It's still not here yet, but we can see approximations toward it. The most recent case in point is the Tungsten T5, a Palm (is it unfashionable to say "Palm pilot"?) with a USB flash memory drive aboard it. The Palm accesses this 256MB flash memory, leaving 160MB of it available as a plain USB flash drive. Some of it, only 55MB, is used by the Palm.

If it had an eentsy HD (20GB would do) instead of flash, it would be the killer. A few more grams for the extra power to spin it could be justified.

There's still plenty of life left in my m500, and all the room I need for spanking the Palm, but someday I'll want to abandon the 256MB flash drive that holds all my AF pdfs. When I do, I'll need more than 160MB. And I'll not pay $400 for it. Nor do I want a phone integrated in it.

As it is, the Clandestine Mobile Media Access Platform has been put out to pasture. I went about 2 months without it, then upgraded to this little girl, the 3250H1 model. At 4.5 lbs, she impresses me that notebooks will be the first notebook killers, not PDAs.

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