Red-headed stepson of RMBR

For your enjoyment, a sampler of some of the best weblogging the Front Range has to offer. Please pardon any typos I failed to catch: I'm typing with 8-month-old Toad in my lap.

As to be expected, election season figures prominently among the submissions by Rocky Mountain bloggers in this Roundup:

  • White Dog draws our attention to Bill Whittle's two-part essay on the value of rhetorical skill vice the message, with respect to the Presidential election. Shall one vote for style, or for substance, given that between the two major-party candidates one cannot have both? Choose well.

  • Dave disputes Josh Claybourn, arguing that the Republic is healthier when more people vote, rather than fewer, more-informed people vote.

  • RMBR founder Walter In Denver argues from experience that the validity of our elections is at greater risk from inaccuracy than from fraud.

  • BigSkyDave challenges the good Senator Kerry on who constitutes a threat to US security. Or world peace. Whatever.


  • The Speculist offers a meta-roundup, headquartered in the Front Range but collecting contributions from faraway corners of the Republic. Raptors, privately-operated space flight, wickedfast computers, improved popcorn, and cancer-sniffing dogs.

  • Jed at FreedomSight reminisces about the quintessential banned-able book. I got my copy. I don't need it---I have it merely to remind myself that I can have it.

  • Publicola fisks an essay defending the Empire, even if it did make the trains run on time, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

  • Your host offers his proposal to deploy high-speed internet service everywhere. We'll have to destroy the internet to save it. Always a downside.

Stop the Presses! A late entrant petitions to be included. We are fair and evenhanded to a fault.

  • Bob at We The Free waxes Lettermanlike with Top Ten debating points. Though I dispute Bob's use of the term liberal . . .

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