Laid back Sunday

In the CD changer:

  • Billy Idol's Greatest Hits
  • Reverend Horton Heat, Space Heater
  • Frank Zappa, Apostrophe/Overnight Sensation
  • Fountains of Wayne, self-titled

* * * *
The Denver News Agency gave our household a complimentary Sunday Post yesterday (funny how they have the newspaper all planned out one day in advance, hard to call it news then, isn't it?) and it reminded me of how little indeed I miss reading a dead-tree newspaper. Scrolling through, er, paging through their Perspectives section and seeing a guest editorial promoting the scrapping of the Electoral College, plus eight or nine editorials about how primaries bring out the non-mainstream candidates, and I had had quite enough.

Barbaloot wants to do the crossword. That, I submit, an internet application cannot substitute.

* * * *
We capped the day with the last of the antelope from last year. It started out looking like this:

and it ended up looking like this:

A roast marinated in Italian salad dressing, liquid mesquite smoke, and molasses. On the side, eggplant splashed with rice vinegar, snowpeas, carrots sprinkled with ground ginger, red pepper, celery, and sesame seeds. Grilled to medium rare over Strickland propane.

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