Give them back now
Thanks to Publicola, who forwards Rachel Lucas's post regarding a man whose firearms were seized by police after he shot gunfighting trespassers in his front yard. Police seized all of them, not just the shotgun actually used to quell the affray, though they concede that no crime was committed. Publicola also ably dispels the notion that some forensic evidence could be collected from the shotgun's seizure, or that it would even be worthwhile.

They seized not just the shotgun he used in the shooting, but all of them.

Cut this the hell out. Give them back now, with an apology to him and termination for whoever made the decision to disarm him.

On second thought: whoever moved to disarm the homeowner, it's now your turn to sit on his porch with nothing but a cordless phone and a flashlight for the next 72 hours. No hardshirt either, asshole. If you live through that, then you're fired.

If this happened to me
I would hope to have the kind of balls this guy has. My first action would be, as G Gordon Liddy has advised, don't hand them over to the cops. If the cops insist that I must be separated from my weapons, I'm transferring them to my lawyer for safekeeping. Possible outcomes:

  • Worst: I am officially identified as a Bad Person and lose the right to own them. The lawyer sells them and I get the proceeds.
  • Bad: the lawyer returns them when the bullshit is over.
  • As if we have an RKBA: the lawyer pushes back hard enough that I don't give them up.
What does a lawyer have to say about this?

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